The mission starts with Frost lying on the ground, Frost looks down at his hands and soon looks up to see Sandman running over to help him. The pair then starts moving past injured soldiers until they reach a collapsed building, where the screen fades.

Twenty minutes earlier Metal 0-1 is on an MH-6 Little Bird, flying into a war-torn Berlin where many American troops and German tanks advancing through the bridge across towards Alena's present known location. While flying towards their destination, one of the Little Birds is hit by RPG fire and crashes on the streets below.

Then the Metal team tries to find Alena. They fights till when a building falls on them and soon the player regains consciousness and wakes up in exactly the same place he had started the mission.

They go to the exact location where Alena was trapped but are too late and Makarov's men take Alena with them as the mission ends.

*Recorded on PC at 60+ FPS with all the settings maxed out (Ultra)

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