In the opening cutscene of this mission Captain Price talks to Baseplate a.k.a Captain MacMillan trying to find intel on Makarov.
MacMillan is first is reluctant to tell Price about Makarov but tells him when reminded about their mission in Pripyat 20 years ago (this mission is available in COD4: MW). MacMillan then tells him about Waraabe , who possibly can have the intel.

Price asks Nikolai to bring his men. The team then finds their way to Waraabe asking about Makarov but he does not know where Makarov is but he tells them that his contact was a man named Volk. Price kills Waraabe.

Price , Soap and Yuri head towards the chopper where Nikolai is bringing it but it is shot and Nikolai is injured. Nikolai's team with Soap , Price and Yuri finds Nikolai and gets him to rescue after escaping in their jeeps.

*Recorded on PC at 60 FPS on Ultra settings

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